I do missed my dad but i know he is okay in heaven .

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Yes ,  I missed him so much since his passing  but I know he is  okay in heaven  he had told me many times, it’s  one of those perks  of being  closely connected to the spirit realm ;  I am so grateful to be able to understand the meaning of the afterlife – I won’t expect some of you readers to  clearly understand or let alone believe in the afterlife, so I  won’t bore you with the  full detail .  

     I knew from the time I was a little girl I have the vast amount of knowledge of the paranormal and be able to Feel, see and hear spirits/Ghost,  I was told by  other  I just have an overactive imagination’s,  only   a few  who  believes me  especially my dad  who  was  a walking, living, Physical healer and  medium . 

     I have the same special gift he  has, so I  inherited this  from him just as he would have inherited from both from his mom and dad,  that is why I am  making it  my personal goal to fully  embracing  my gifts and  am lucky enough  to have  tons of help from my spirit guides, both living and passed loved ones  and Lord God/Jesus;  Whom  I am  totally blessed to have such an awesome relationship with . 

You don’t have to agree to disagree on the matter,  or if you believe or don’t  believe I’m  not here to pass judgment on you, Yes I am a weirdo so what of it and I like being me because I am one of a kind. 

I am going to finish writing in today’s  entry in my psychic journal because tomorrow is a brand new day! 



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