its me

Hey, wouldnt really know what to write but here goes. Im your typical girl. Im hopelessly in love with a boy. We’ll call this boy Ayds, so me and ayds have been on a off for 4 years its ridiculously insane. Sometimes i cant believe ive stayed for that long. 

Im doing a beauty course currently i love it. Ive always loved makeup and its just something ive wanted to do all my life. I miss home and i miss my dad. I miss so much shit. My family im with now are arseholes. They talk shit when im not around expect me to not find out but sorry guys i find out. It hurts ya know going home to nobody talking to you. Wish shit was different. But its not. Like who wants to go home to getting yelled at the min you walk thru the door or getting picked at for something so tiny. I hate home. I hate where i am.  

Sometimes i wish i could turn back time and id rather still be getting hidings. This shit sucks. Really sucks. Ever since i moved with this family ive been raped by my uncle 3times and picked and talked about sooo much. Its so unfair i just wanna be happy. 



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  1. Life is cruel and unfair. It seems to me that we have to fight against our problems all our life. Be strong. I wish you luck and happiness.

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