Rainy Evening Rambles

Today’s been a real snoozer. I had to get up and be at work before the sun was even up. I feel out of sorts with the new shift times because my house in the morning consists of one teenage girl and one tween girl fighting for bath room time… not to mention a teenage boy who swipes on some deodorant and calls it a day. Now add me trying to take a shower before work to that helter skelter mess and you’ll get a clear picture. We need another bathroom, atleast one more bathroom.

I miss our old house. The one we left behind up North. 3 bedrooms AND two bathrooms. I miss my princess prowling around greeting everyone as we ready for the day. 

… We still haven’t released her ashes. It sounded so beautiful in theory. I pictured it so vividly. Us, on top of the mountain. We say some kind words to her and toss her ashes into a gust of wind. She’s gone, but she is all around us. She’s in the earth we walk on. Her spirit pounces among the clouds. 

In truth, I like her here with us. She’s got her spot on the mantle. Hoshi Akari put a figurine of Toothless on top of the urn. When I’m struggling or having a really hard day I talk to her. Psychosamatic sure, but it makes me feel better. She’d hate the dog though. My princess didn’t like to share the lime light. She barely tolerated the other cats.

The Man tried to take a vaca day tomorrow and failed. What good are vacation days if you can’t redeem them? This evening he texted me and said that it got approved after all. This makes me extremely happy. All work and no play makes me borrrrred. 

So I have no clue what we will end up doing tomorrow afternoon. The ultimate day would be going for an afternoon hike, going out to dinner, and then the concert at Ground Zero like we orginally planned. I guess we will have to see how it goes 🙂


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