This is going to be a very quick and to-the-point post.

It rained a little this morning. I didn’t get wet, though.

I turned in the physics lab. Then I proofread my friend JW’s essay, which was a little painful (no offense J) because it had such weird grammatical problems. Then I printed another copy of my own essay (which turned out to be unnecessary).

We continued our notes in geography. I still have to do/finish the children’s book that we’re turning in on Friday.

We had a sub in history. She was this rather old woman with too much makeup on her face. She was supposed to show us a video about WWII, but for a long while, she just had a lot of movie and TV-show trailers playing. Then we helped her play the actual film. My friend D and I then went to ask a teacher if we could take our history book tests in her class, but she got snippy and said no, so both of us were taken aback and we had to give up.

My fourth period was nothing, as usual.

In fifth period we checked our MLA format for our essays. I’m correcting it all now. The paper is due tomorrow.

In sixth period, we reviewed for our upcoming accounting test. My friend H was very happy¬†because she and a friend have been chosen to create a TV series for some platform. We’re proud of her.

In seventh, we went on to practice coding. It was easy and fun.

I had the second part of my two-part math test in eighth period. I think I did well on it. I got full points on the first part.

It felt like night time when I walked in the school. It was dark and wet outside, but bright and sterile and squeaky inside. It was the strangest feeling.

Tomorrow I have an AP practice test in the morning. Oh my GOD. I know nothing. It’s supposed to be very hard. At least, that’s what three of my friends have told me. I’m going to fail. But it’s for a daily grade, so maybe it’ll be okay.

It’s still hot. I’m getting so tan.

I’m also shaking a little. This week has been insane. My emotions have been constantly going up and down, and it’s exhausting. I feel weak and I would like nothing more than to sleep for fifteen hours straight.

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