Has taken over my life at this point.  I go to bed around 7:30am or 8am, since I am a night worker, and I can’t seem to wake up until it’s about time to go to work!  It drives me crazy. I take my sleep med the days I can’t sleep, but the effects last for days afterwards. I’m so groggy when I get up at 8pm and I can’t fully wake up until about midnight and then I’m ready for bed again once I get home around 6:30am, but I make myself stay up so I can make sure the dog it let out and given his joint pills and the cats and kittens have food and are doing okay. 
Speaking of which… I need to get more pill pockets for Blue’s joint pills and some more chews so he has something to gnaw on when he’s bored. I’ll need to pick up more canned patte’ food for the kittens as they start to eat the solid food more often.  Right now they are just interested. They don’t always want to eat it yet. They sniff it and one or two of them will eat right away, but the other two have no interest until about 15 minutes after the first two started eating. So they don’t need to be fed often, but soon enough they will be crying to be fed more often.  I gotta try keep Baby away from them more often. She’s still protective of them and doesn’t like leaving them alone for more than 5 minutes. They are only four weeks so I don’t need to feed them the food all the time yet. But it’s good to be prepared. 
So, now that Nathan has a new job it’s hours are 12 hour shifts and it varies from 8pm – 8am to 8am-8pm.  It’s amazing money so I shouldn’t complain, but I enjoy being able to see him more than what I do.  My sleep schedule doesn’t help the situation. Things will be fine.
Speaking of money. Ugh. I hate being broke. I have to wait till saturday to get paid and get groceries, so it’s going to be a long two days until I can go do that. Going to go with my mom to the city for it.  I hate going to the city by myself. There’s crazy fuckers in that city lol I know I’m going to be pissy with my mom because of her Fibromyalgia so she’s a bit slow and she’s gotta sit and rest. I know she can’t help it and I know I shouldn’t be that way because it’s a big problem for her as well.  It’s just irritating. BUT, if I don’t want to be alone I don’t have much of a choice since all my friends are busy. 
Well, one friend is busy. My other friend lives in a different city that’s like 3 hours away. I mean, I guess I have more friends, buuuuuut they aren’t like…real friends. You know, you got your work friends that you wouldn’t hang out with other than work. You got those semi friends that you help do some things or they help you quick and then leave. Maybe that’s just me. I really only have three friends I can be my complete self with and actually want to hang out with. Two live far away. One three hours away and one is in Texas. The other is in the same town, but she’s busy at her job a lot and she also has medical problems and is very sensitive and if you say the wrong thing she does the silent treatment. 
Anyways. I have a lot to do on my weekend off. I am going to go through my house and really kitten proof it…. well try to, so they can come out of the back bed room and enjoy the big open area of the trailer house lol Damn. I have nine fucking cats right now.  I”M LIVING MY DREAM *insert laughing crying face* I would love to keep them all, but sadly the kittens gotta go. 🙁 Uncle Flint doesn’t really like the kittens. Flint is such an asshole of a cat in general anyway.  Uncle Shift likes them and wants to play. So does Daddy Difter and Baby wants to play with them sometimes, but they try to play rough and that doesn’t fly well. Aunt Ninja…..she hates just about everyone lol My angry little munchkin. 
I need to buy some things for them to play on like another cat tree…since Flint and Shift broke that while wrestling on it. They have just one scratching post since I haven’t had the extra money to go on a spree for them and buy them a big giant cat tree that I’ve been wanting to. 
Maybe this weekend. <3
Man… I wish I had the time and energy to do some of my Wicca stuff. I’m really bad at being in any sort of religion. I don’t have time for it. lmao

I hope everyone that reads has a great day tomorrow and a better weekend. 

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