The next session

Snooch and Bobo fight like they are mortal enemies. To me, their squabbles are 1. Typical (I always fought with my siblings) 2. Hormone fueled (Bobo is 13, Snooch is 11 & both are experiencing the awkward joys of puberty). 3. Sad. They’re Irish twins and they use to be mega close.

I guess the fights have been weighing heavily on Snooch’s mind. She sees her psychiatrist twice a month, but she sees her therapist twice a week. Her therapist asked me if I could bring Bobo to the next session. Therapist wants to try to talk to Bobo and Snooch about their relationship and their epic fights.  

Snooch and I spent some time talking about it. I wanted Snooch to take some accountability for her part in the rift. I gave her a suggestion.

“Just try to be nice to him, truly nice to him for a solid week, without expecting a single thing back. If he’s still a grouch to you by the end of the week – he’s a grouch and acting like a jerk” (btw, I’m positive this is not the case).

She took me up on it right away. She’s been nice to him all night. He finally caught on that we were up to something so in fairness, I told him about the experiment. He asked what Snooch’s big reward will be.

I told him. “Your friendship. That is it. That’s all she wants. She misses pal’ing around with her big bro.”

He was shocked. Then he invited her to shoot some zombies. 

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