Should it be written?

I’m thinking about writing shorts story’s, they’d be about a tabby tiger named copper who isn’t really impressed by much and a little Cotten tail rabbit named jack who is very anxious about the world around him. ┬áDoes anyone have any ideas for situations or adventure these two would have?┬á

🐯Copper is very wise and is kind to jack , he often lets jack ride on his back or carries him like a cub

🐰jack is a very anxious rabbit who even though fears the world he’s very curious about it and that curiosity often would get jack in trouble┬á

copper under no circumstances sees jack as food

2 thoughts on “Should it be written?”

  1. Absolutely YES! Write that story! I’m already captivated by it. Consider making it for children and illustrating it yourself. There is a market for those books! Don’t let that story go unwritten! It’s going to be good!

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