262.0 – Ughhhhhhhhh

Apparently my stress eating is catching up with me (on-plan foods, but still). BUT today is the last day of this deadline thing at work and after this afternoon I can breathe.

My strategy for today to nip this stress-eating in the bud is to plan out ALL food I will have today and to not allow myself to get hungry in the least.

B: Three-egg omelette with bacon, sausage, mushrooms, spinach. Also warrior coffee.
L: Lamb-and-chicken salad with olive oil
D: Bunless burgers with avocado and bacon

One thought on “03/31/17”

  1. Hello, I would recommend watching the video “low carb vs plant based” by vegsource on YouTube. It’s a quick 2 minute video. If that really interests you, check out my journal entries, I’m doing a diet righ now where I eat unlimited food and I’m already losing weight. No calorie counting or anything. It’s the same one Penn Jilette used to lose 100+ lbs (his video is on YouTube too where he says he lost .9 pounds a day on average)

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