I hate gym class. I hate that Mum doesn’t cook on work days. I hate how I’m always driven up the wall. I hate that I have to find a job in the future. I hate that everything costs money. I hate Violet and how she’s always talking to people in Spanish (to people who don’t even know Spanish). I hate when Hailey says, “Being vegetarian is great, keep up the good work”, to Brandon. I hate how Brandon’s teeth are so perfect that I can barely describe it to him. I hate when people talk about traveling to outer space. I hate that my left eye is tearing non-stop, so that when I put eyeliner on, it goes everywhere throughout the day. But I don’t hate my life, and neither do I hate myself, my family, or friends.

I want to kiss him. Over, and over, and over. I want his fingers in my hair, my hips under his, and my mouth on his neck. Maybe that’s the only thing that could pull me out of this sea of apathy, despair and worry. Maybe not.

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