Day 399 – Memory test, texts and tea

Thursday, March 30th 2017

Today was :thumbsup:

I started with French. We just corrected.

In psychology we continued taking notes and tried the memory challenge. Of course it had to be flags, something I’m bad at… We had to name 15 flags in order by memory, once in “silence” (people kept talking) and one with heavy metal in the background (yessss). I got 7 the first time and 6 the second. I think I only got less cause my teacher didn’t say the name of the countries the second time. With the music if I listened to it, the flags came to me a lot easier. Well, at least I know more flags and their countries now. If we had to remember numbers I’d be a lot better. I find myself also associating the flags to the numbers instead of trying and go in order.

At lunch, the 10th graders were doing their big French exam in the cafeteria. I couldn’t find anyone, so I found the twins, or one of them found me. I used the microwaved they brought into the hallway and ate in the cafeteria while waiting for the students and for my food to cool down a bit. I texted Kohai a few times and she didn’t answer, and felt horrible for not answering. I tried my best to assure her it was okay and that I wasn’t mad at her like she thought.

In English we continued our power point, but I was mostly bored all throughout, since we were basically done. Instead I started brainstorming for our project.

In art we continued the portrait. It’s coming along pretty good. Still need improvement, but a lot better than before, since I learned my mistakes from last time.

At home I moderated the server, ate, was bored for a while then watched Supernatural. I tried Black Forest tea, and it ain’t so bad. The smell is kinda bad, but it doesn’t taste bad, though sometimes it smelled like the actual cake. Not my favourite tea, but something I’d drink anyway. Hopefully the next will be better.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Nah lol, I knew that either A. Her phone was dead or B. She was busy. I don’t really mind when someone replies late—they have their reasons 😛 Although if it’s an emergency, I’ll get more worried than angry

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