No Love

I love you words can’t explain, all the hurt you put me through but i still feel your pain. I ask god if he could guide me through, but I kept getting pushed on my ass, stuck, like some fucking glue. How do you put a person through so much and not realize what you do, would you feel the same, if the same shit happens to you? Baby, you just a project that I was tryna work on and improve, but still got lack of respect, but not only from you. I only wished we could’ve made it work, but so many excuses to why you did things make me realized, what its not even worth. I hope you find the light that could change you, its somewhere in there underneath of that past hurting residue. Don’t grab too much you cant hold, I was the piece you let fall. No love in your life, but I was there when shit was startin to lose its fold.  No mother love? Please, dont use that as an excuse for the reason why your heart is so cold 

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