“I love my job. I love my job”

Sarcasm. Notice everyone says that when they have a rough night?
I  love my job.
Actually I don’t.  I DO love, however, that it is normally very slow paced and you don’t do much but a little bit of cleaning and changing the clients every few hours.
I work with the mentally disabled and mentally ill (just recently added). It’s good for a majority of the time, but there are some nights where the nights a VERY active and fast paced. 
It’s HIPPA violations to really say anything, but that’s really if I disclose names. SO, this one gentleman I worked with tonight, has been screaming for the past six hours because of his high cycle.  I know he can’t control himself, like really he can’t. He’s been doing this for YEARS, but since his recent move to another living area his high cycles last longer than his low cycles. 
Which….REALLY sucks because the suite he lives in happens to be one of the most physically demanding of almost all the areas we have.  You have to change all six men every two hours, and one has a colostomy bag, while having to chase this guy around all night when he is on his high cycle.   I’m not joking.  He will RUN around the suite all night and then try punch you any chance he gets. I’ve been punched in the face many times out here, but his headbutt’s are the worst thing ever. 
So, on nights I normally have to deal with him I have to repeat to myself, I love my job. I love my job. 
Granted, YES. I have my favorites and my job would be amazing if this place didn’t have fuckwits and so much upper management.  There is more ‘bosses’, supervisors or whatever, than there is actual staff that work with these people directly.  
I love my favorites. I truly do. I am quite attached to a few of them.  One of my favorites is actually passing away soon. He’s on hospice care right now and they had been putting me with him for the past week, but tonight I’m in a different suite than his.  Though I am close by so just in case I’m at least within feet of him if he passes.  He looks very thin and his skin is graying. Ugh.

Anywaysssss. I got up early today so that probably doesn’t help my mood with being very active tonight! haha. omg. I’m so tired.

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