Spring Festival

 Today was in all a very awesome day. I told everyone to be on today’s Spring Festival in PUCIT for the “Lassi” Stall at 8:30. I got there at 11 due to unavailability of car. I didn’t calculate all the stuff, I didn’t plan well my mistake.
After half the time for the festival we sold all the Lassi we prepared. We made a little more then 2500 and we had spend 3000 on the stall, a little loss but overall it was awesome experience mostly because all the girls we collaborating with the stall.
The initial team was of 10 people,
Samra, Maria, Amara, Me, Khaleeq, Saqib, Manan, Awais, Tanveer, Faheem, Tayyab but many more collaborated like Ahmed, Uzair and the girl who I heard made the chart… what was her name… Laiba…? I brought one chart with me as a keep sake of the event. I have a cupboard full of posters and banners and stuff and a bag full of all written things and drawings… getting a little off the track.
Depite constantly claiming the he won’t come..Awais came. Oh and … what was her name… one of the fantastic four… dang it! The one who had a camera also helped.
Fahad was a little serious today, Uzair was more friendly then usual that was nice. Ahmed was the same. Saqib sent me a thank you text after I got home.
I gave everyone their investment back except Khaleeq and Faheem will be giving them their money on Monday.
OK let’s see… Afte we sold everthing and put all the stuff in my car we went back to visit all the stalls. First we went to the “Fose Ball” table Ahmend and Awais were playing and they won. Then we moved on to … just a sec… we moved on to… another stall of some game and someone played it… Oh yeah… it was Zainab… the one with the camera… she played a game which was very unfair game from the organizers side . She made it nearly to the end but she didn’t won.
Then we moved on to the game where the person playing is blined and they have to strall in a limited area for a minute to find a maniquin… type thing. The friends outside could help but the organizers were there with big horns to trim down the noise to prevent the player form reaching the goal. I played the game. Lost big time. Ohh and I have to give half of the money to Ahmed for the game.
Then Uzair and Ahmed and Faiq all played the game of eating a Tuc biscuit in 30 sec. All failed!
Then we ate Ice Popsicle… desi style meaning “Gola”. It was average. I got a special serving, the organizer decided that since I was the last one among the 7 people who ordered it and I had waited the longest he made it a little special by adding a little bit of everthing in the it, Score!
Then decided to go home. Today was Jumma we offered the prayer in a nearby mosque.
We spent half hour in the parking trying to decided where to go to eat something. In the end we decided upon Fried Chick. Me , Saqqib, Mannan and Faheem were in my car and Tanverr was on his bike and he decided to ditch us in the middle and went on his way while were on the road on our way to Friend Chick in G-One market.
We got there ate Chicken burgers and Wings.
I droped Faheem on Kalma Chownk and then proceded to Ichra because Saqqib had to get the key to his home from someone in Ichra, no one was in his home.
After much difficulty we got the key droped Manan and droped Saqib and came home.
After I came home I remembered that a 5 dollar Fiver project was due today. I was supposed to submit it at 9 in the MORNING. So I opened my laptop and watched last four episodes of Code Breaker. I solemly swear not to watch Anime that I decided not to watch the first time. They were horable, there was a horrible ending… horible. It is going to haunt me for a long while. I don’t like this kind of Anime. I like Anime like “Sket Dance” and “Fairy Tail” and “Oregairu” and “OHHB” damn that ending.
So while I watching Code Breakers I recieved a call from CLINLAB they wanted me to drop by there tomorow for a job. I’ll go but I don’t plan on working there again before making a contract. They fired me in middle of a month just because they found someone who was willing to work for a little less then what I get and then he quit and then they called me back but I didn’t went.
I called a few favor from Sir Salem for some Medical Tests and got a discount so last week I decided to pay them a visit. I went to the lab did designed some stuff I worked for 2:30 hours and then I came back. I told Sir Saleem that I will only work on one of the two conditions. I and either going to work as a free lancer taking an hourly pay or I work as a permanent employee. They want me to drop by tomorrow for deigning a banner that has to be printed on the same say. I’ll go and work and if they hadn’t made a decision by the time I’m out of the lab I will not work there again. This is some thing that I have decided.
Sir Saleem also hid the fact from the rest of the staff that he had fired me he had told everyone that I wasn’t coming due to my exams.
He is a lot more experienced then me and I have watched him play games like this with other emplyees too… no not games… office politics.
Tomorrow morning at 11.
And there is the Job fair around the corner. Maybe I’ll prepare a CV today… what am I going to write on it? …barely making it through? I haven’t done a signle thing relating to the field I’m studying in. No… think positive… what is the worst that can happen? I will be rejected… at least I’ll be taking a candy or a sovenerr form every comapany table I visit on Job fare that will be a Score.
For some reason whenever I write score I imagine “Chandler” saying score like he did in the “Friends” season.
I think I will also upload this entry on the online journal website I’ve been writing on… Yes I will do that.
6 Months worth of journals were lost due to a hard drive failure maybe uploading the really long one’s on the website will save a few.

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