I stayed at school forty minutes after classes ended, drawing on the whiteboard in my physics classroom.


Physics is first every day. Today it was both first and last. I took the practice AP exam this morning, and it was a traumatizing, out-of-body experience. I could feel my soul leaving my mortal body while I was flipping through the free response. It was too hard. I died.


I could have gone home early to work, but it felt nice, drawing. The whiteboard was already half-cluttered with a variety of sea creatures. Someone always comes in and draws different cartoons on that particular board, and this time he or she (although I’m fairly certain it’s he) decided to draw sea animals. There were fish. There was a turtle, a shark, a squid, and an octopus. There was also a seal or sea lion. But it was lacking in mermaids.

So I drew a dolphin, a starfish, some wavy kelp, and two mermaids. Then this guy who came in made me erase the physics equations on the blank half, so I did and then drew a castle at his request. It was a slightly lopsided castle, but it looked nice at a distance. Then I drew another mermaid at the corner, and the same guy modeled a position, but I didn’t draw him because I can’t draw masculine figures well (or at all).

Then another guy added some tiny alpha fish. They were just tiny looped fish. He also drew pupils on the octopus, which made it look creepy.

It felt nice, laughing with my friends. I really love them.

This week, I’ll have nothing but physics to worry about. Lots of physics. Homework, a quiz on Monday, a project, and some activity on Seesaw. Lots and lots of physics.

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