Day 400 – C’est fou, ripped jeans and arachnophobia

Friday, March 31st 2017

Ey, day 400.

Today was good. It was really lazy and a bit boring though, yet a few entertaining things happened that kept recharging me.

I started with art. I continued my portrait, and it’s going well. The hair is done and I’m moving on to the clothes. I’ll worry about the mouth and ears later, since I know they’re gonna be a struggle.

In English we had a substitute and there was the “C’est fou!” (It’s Crazy) activities going on. It involves bingo, solving riddles and bringing them to the administration first and you win something if you get it right (it goes by class). There’s other things as well, such as musical chairs where you send a couple of people or some kind of activity where I was warned that there would be a Rubix cube to solve by a friend during lunch… For English I just went on my phone and watched YouTube. Should’ve read my book… oh well.

Psychology was funny. There was a guy who accidentally ripped his jeans, all in the front crotch. We were laughing and him as well. Our teacher joked about it often and even during an activity where we had to find a Franco flag magnet (we grabbed a normal magnet and thought that’s all we needed) and run to bring it, and our teacher made him run and he did, haha. He wanted to participate anyway. Luckily the guy found a coat to tie around him.
   We talked about phobias in that class and I thought back on how I gained my spider phobia. My guess is that when I was young, six years old, seven, not totally sure, it was my brother’s birthday I think, or maybe just an activity. There was bouncy castles and creatures from those birthday zoos, which you guessed it, involved tarantulas. My dad came up to me, picked me up and said he wanted to show me what my brother was holding. Young child, never having seen a tarantula before, was held too close to it, too quickly, over the tarantula, held in my brother’s hands. I immediately told him to take me away. I told my dad this in the past, and he feels kinda bad now haha. Though another reason could be because of my uncle—he used to scare my mom with bugs when they were younger so she has a fear of them, so I probably also picked it up from her. Though she only has the fear—she can still kill at times.
   It was a bit of a struggle on my brother’s birthdays when he was younger. He was and probably still is a tarantula fan. There’d often be the zoo people that’d bring one. Also, he had a Guinness world record book with a tarantula on the first page for whatever the heck reason. Just a tarantula on the white page, not even centered in the page, but more on the side, a little lower. He once opened that book to that page and chased me around with it once when we were kids. I hid under the red blanket we still have, but I could still kinda see the tarantula through it, since the blanket is made in a way where there’s those tiny holes in it, so I just kept my eyes shut. My brother doesn’t remember that particular instance, but he remembers being a jerk to me with spiders as kids. It might have also been a dream. I’m not totally sure since we were really young, but it does feel real.

I ended the day with French. We did nothing really. Kohai and I just discussed tingly head sensations that we would get through someone playing with our hair, or also when someone borrows something from me and I watch them use it, then I get them. Even in video games, if they borrow an item from me I’ll have it. Not sure why. Some people get it from ASMR videos as well. We also talked about dreams and she searched key words to see if I dreamed of them.

At home I watched YouTube in bed, exhausted, with my cat next to me, ate lasagna and my dad got us chocolate bars, then I played Horizon Zero Dawn. I plan later tonight to find some sticky notes while my parents are in bed and just make a giant fish on our dining room’s wall (since it’s the biggest empty wall—it’s perfect) for April Fools. Hopefully we have enough sticky notes—it was a last minute idea.

That’s all for today.

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