Happily Married??

I’m honestly not sure what why I am doing what I am…I’m married and have began talking to somebody else. The guy knows I’m married and we have agreed we are only friends but more I talk to him the more confused I get. He is 40 years old, couple inches shorter than me…I’m 5’2″ lol. Overall he is a nice person and I hope he can find a woman that he deserves. He doesn’t drink or do drugs. Has a 20 year old daughter and he from El Salvador. We met…well made eye contact around when my dad passed last month and my friend got his brothers number. Well few days after that I was being stupid/crazy and blew a kiss to guy crossing the street…playing around. Didn’t know at time it was him til my friend seen him go to his brothers house. So fast forward couple weeks and I come across him on FB…wasn’t going add him but finger slipped lol seriously. I deleted him real quick but he had already seen it and added me. This was few days ago. Today video chatted with him for over an hour. Took him cigs bc store by his house don’t have kind he likes…so asked him what kind. He said camel menthol…which is the kind I smoke lol…every time I feel down it seems like there he is. When dad passed I met him, blew kiss at him, accidentally pushed add friend, then smokes same cigs I do…are they signs or should I back off. We friends but he seems want more even tho knows I’m married and says he going wait. Told him not to bc happy with my hubby but he insisting…don’t want him getting hurt…he seems to nice for that…

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  1. You are right with your opinions. U arent in my shoes but you are completely right. Thank you for the advice. My husband has done it b4 and it upset me a lot. He actually was offering to take care of his daughter as his own so he was looking for more than a friend. Not only time he did it either but ur right i should divorce him or stop talking to him. I love my husband and i dont want us to divorce so yea i am gonna stop talking to him bc whether we talking innocently or not i would be upset. 2 wrongs dont make a right. Thank you for the advise.

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