So, I’ve basically gone back to dating my husband again. 

I mean we’ve only been married for 6 months and have been together for 7 years, but we don’t see each other that often unless he has a day off. He works 12 hour days and is swing shift. either 8am to 8pm or vice versa.
So.. When I’m going to bed, he’s going to work. And vice versa again.  And my sleep schedule is so whack right now due to sleeping pills effects keeping me in bed until it’s almost time to leave for work, we don’t really see each other except maybe half an hour. 
So, I’ve just been looking at our schedules and have been doing some sort of date planning. Maybe our next day off together go out and have dinner and see a movie.  It’s about the only time we will ever have a day to ourselves and we might as well enjoy it by spending time together, unless of course, we have other things to do. 
No idea where I was going with that. Still a work in progress. Whatever.
Yeah, so whoever said my life isn’t boring… it is lmao. 
My life basically revolves around my husband and it’s not because he makes the rules or whatever.  I apparently have separation anxiety since I was little.  Was never diagnosed, but my mom says it was after my biological dad left when I was two that I’ve then become clingy and am always afraid parents/people I’m close to, will just not come back from somewhere. I was like that with Friends too, but I just started not to care about friends. People drop you these days for having a different opinion about something. 
Meh, so when he’s at work and I barely see him it just affects me even though I know he is coming home. 
But tomorrow I am going to the city with my mother so then I will have something to keep my mind busy, but I’ll be more preoccupied about how slow my mom is going.

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