i really hope they don’t.

This week was exhausting, exciting, tragic, and wonderful all at the same time, so it’s no wonder I’m so dead inside right now that I’m not even blinking at regular intervals.


Anyway, the worst thing that happened today was the accounting test, which I probably did very poorly on. It was terrible.

But some great things happened, too. Mostly positive social interaction. I always get kicks out of that.

My friend from China is messaging me about her emotional turmoil over a boy that she likes that likes her best friend. It’s a messy situation. It’s exhausting.


Today while I was walking home from school, these five or six kids on bikes shouted, “Damn, looking fine!” and then “Hey, bitch!” at me. I just kept walking. When they called me a bitch, though, my heart froze over and I could feel a weird sort of nausea bloom under my skin. I was terrified for a moment because I was too afraid to look to see if they were following me. They weren’t, but I was scared.


Yesterday night I had an embarrassing dream. In the dream, a really cute guy that I have two classes with was holding my hand. It was only embarrassing because, although he IS super pretty, I can’t recall saying more than two sentences to him this entire school year. Why am I dreaming about holding hands with him? If dreams reflect real life…

I really hope they don’t.

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