It must feel good to be a bully

I have a mentally ill kid. Days like today are hard… really hard. No she isn’t going to be the next Columbine School shooter. I’m sorry some people think so low of some person they’ve never met. That’s maybe the reason why she hates herself so damn much. Because jerks fucking bully the shit out of her. No, my 11 daughter doesn’t want to hurt others. She just wants to fucking slash up her wrists and fucking kill herself. She wants to end the pain that OTHERS who act no more than viseral animals throw at her. The world is so fucking cruel and nasty that my child with thin skin can’t handle the taunting, the bullying, the judgemental assholes. She doesn’t want to hurt you… or a fly. She WANTS TO HURT HERSELF.

What is it about people that make themselves feel so good after knocking down another person, putting them down, making them feel like shit just so that they can feel better? 

Snooch has terribly low self esteem, has severe pms (that’s right, got her period at 10 years old), wants to kill herself and other people who could keep their mouths SHUT just egg her on to slit her wrists.

Thanks jerk offs. I am glad to see that your parents raised you right.



In other words, Snooch is being admitted again. An 11 year old child being commited for a suicide attempt. This sucks pure & simple.

This is my outlet to talk about how I feel about it. In front of Snooch I have to be her mom, think of her well being. My thoughts must stay on task. In my journal, its another story. Its my journal. I can kick and scream all I want.

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  1. I am completely sorry for what has happened to your daughter at the hands of others. People can be cruel. She’s probably absolutely lovely for her age. I’m sorry for your hardships and I hope that things get better for you both.

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