Journal Day 159 – Friday woohoo

Friday, March 31st 2017

Today is the last day of March. It went by so fast, I barely even noticed. Today also happened to be payday which is awesome. I’m writing this on the morning of the next day because I fell asleep shortly after the conversation with Obs for the week. I just felt really sleepy, and I’ve fallen into that trap before of falling asleep in the front of the computer while trying to finish a journal entry. Not this time. I didn’t even start the journal entry, I just decided since I was tired enough, I’d just go to sleep.

Alright so I woke up at a pretty normal time, around 8:30 AM. I started up my Starch Solution Day 5 video pretty much right after waking up. I showed footage of how to cook potatoes, how to cook brown rice and quinoa, and then made some lentils. Afterwards I ate the breakfast, had the meeting with person in India, and then went to work.

Working wasn’t that difficult. It was so boring and I’ve done it hundreds of times, I barely remember what I even did that day. I remember going into work, talking to some people, doing whatever, and then leaving. That’s it. Extremely boring. 8 hours of my life gone tho.

At home I came back in, cooked some more food, and ate. I ate raw oatmeal for the first time, I cooked it up for the first time, and I ate an entire plate full that I cooked, for the first time. I’ve eaten a plate full before but I didn’t know how easy it was to make. You just add some water into a pan, heat, add some oatmeal, and then eat. It’s really easy.

Then my mom had to go to the doctor to get her blood results back. In the waiting room I saw that the receptionist was someone familiar. Melissa? When I first went into the room, I saw her, and immediately remembered who she was. Her face had changed after a couple of years though, also her body has changed. She looks a lot older than before, and the slight weight gain as well. I on the other hand had lost weight, grew a stubble of a beard, had shorter hair, and looked much more mature than before, she didn’t recognize me.

We exchanged some words, I asked her where the bathroom was, and so on. I went to the bathroom and just thought, wow that is Melissa now. I wanted to chat with her but was so nervous for no reason. She’s someone I hadn’t seen in years, and yeah the patient waiting room was full, but I wasn’t embarrassed about having a loud conversation in a quiet room.

Anyway, it wouldn’t take until my mom had finished and we were heading out, before I told her I remembered who she was. Whoa, her face instantly lit up, and I told her that we were in Toastmasters together, and she became so interested, remembering names, and events, cool. She asked me how I was doing now and other quick questions. She looked up at me from the receptionist desk really happy, but I told her I had to go and said goodbye.

At home, nothing much else happened. I had the weekly conversation with Obs. Well, okay. So we waited in the waiting room for around an hour, so there was an hour of my time gone already. At home, I just continued to cook more food and to eat. I recorded everything on video here:

It is Saturday, and I have to go to a code camp event my friends invited me to. It’s supposed to start at 8 AM, it is now 8:56 AM and I still have to take a shower and to drive there, so it’ll probably be 10 AM by the time I arrive. I don’t care about being late though since I take it all in stride.


Selfie for the day

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