Spring break

It is suddenly spring break for me and I want to get started on the right foot so I started out by reading my bible this morning..it said how … are the feet of those who  spread Gods good news on the mountains. So i took a walk and handed out some bible tracks i made called peace with God. i turnd on mt lyft app. to start doing sompthing productive.Before I knew it  i was down at the ferry in Balboa where I droped someone off. Taking a boat cruise across the bay on the ferry , I decided to go down to the nearby jetty.. following after God isn’t all about work. I decided to feed the birds I looked nearby and found two pieces of delicious chees pizza with extra motzerelli. I gave some to the birds and the rest became my lunch. I watched the peacful beachscape and ocean from the lifeguard stand. Feeling very thankful to God that I “somehow” ended up there instead of at work.

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