april 2, 2017.

here are some updates regarding the stuff i’ve been up to since my last update, because who has time for regular updates? i mean, i do. but to hell with that shit.

ya girl got final fantasy xv. fucking finally. for those that don’t know, final fantasy is my favorite game series, my favorite media franchise, my favorite…. everything, really. i was excited for this game for years. i used to irritate my coworkers to death talking about how excited i was, and that was nearly two years ago.

i traded my pristine copies of pokemon black & white for it, which is a controversial decision even to myself. and i played it over the course of 2 days, including one all-nighter which i haven’t ever done before even for COLLEGE, PEOPLE. 

so what did i think of it? well…. i wrote about 50 hyper-emotional tweets, deeply upset at the ending. my 30 hours of exploration pre chapter 9 were great! a grand time! then WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, SE?? i have never been more upset by a game before, or any piece of media for that matter. i promise i won’t spoil it, but god. i went to bed at six thirty in the morning after completing the game, and was physically shaking because i was so emotionally upset by it. a really cruel and deeply depressing ending… hell, a cruel and deeply depressing final 6 chapters for that matter.

did i like it? honestly, i’m still not really sure. i’m positive it sounds insane to be so worked up over a video game, but like… these characters were ‘people’ i’d been waiting years to meet. i was attached to them. i was excited to make up post-game headcanons for them once i’d finished playing. i was ready to explore every last crevice of eos. and now i don’t even want to think about the game for a very long time. it’s a very strange feeling… vulnerable is the best way i can describe it. 

so that happened. and then to cope with my emotions from that game, i decided to pick something from my collection of unplayed games. some people have a stack of unread books, i have unplayed games. i am the youth of today that your grandparents complain about.

i went with assassin’s creed black flag….. and promptly realized i was out of room on my ps4. so i intend to sell a shitload of my old albums and raise the money to be able to trade it in for a system with more storage. i realize i could buy an external hard-drive / data bank, but i’m not crazy about my ps4 anyway and have always intended to sell or trade it eventually. besides, i need to sell stuff. this is just a good prompt.

i don’t think i have much else to talk about?? i’m going to go eat a salad now. late.

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