Day 2 – 30 Days of Kindness

My second day and I don’t feel like I was very kind today. Jim and I went for a walk and I was hoping we could move at a little quicker pace, but Jim was sore from his walks the day before and didn’t want to walk at my speed. I got fidgety and angry and said some things to him that were mean and uncalled for. 

He really is trying to get stronger and faster and I should have supported him.  When we got home I was still mad and we nattered at each other for a while. Then I remembered…..Sheila, it’s 30 DAYS OF KINDNESS, and if it doesn’t start at home with the people I love most, how can I expect to find and show kindness out there with everyone else.  

So I asked him for another walk, in the evening, and we strolled along and chatted and had a really nice time.  I take him for granted a lot and know he will always support me and love me.  My existance in this life depends on him, so kindness is the least I can do.  ❤

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