The Annual Celebration of Mother’s Day

March 26th was Mother’s Day and this year my son booked a table for five at a local restaurant we quite often frequent for its convenience, range of food and not too bad pricing for the times .. he came and picked me up with his girlfriend greeting me with a complimentary kiss, my favourite box of chocolates and a card telling me how fabulous I am ..

We got to the restaurant twenty minutes early, ordered drinks and waited for our table to become vacant with comments of ‘the whole world and it’s mother seemed to be there’ .. while waiting I popped out to a nearby shop to renew my travel card ready for the working week .. on the way back, just as I stepped out onto the crossing, a white car decided to speed up racing through the crossing sending me into a state of shock with hand gestures fully flung ..

Safely back at the restaurant I recounted my panic taking a sip or was it a gulp from my glass of wine and right on cue our table vacated, the staff sparkled as we made our way over to take our seats in anticipation of some fine dining ..

My daughter arrived with her boyfriend, another box of favourite chocolates and a thoughtful card of love ..

We scanned the menu, discussed the food options before ordering a range of meals to suit our different tastes .. I opted for a steak meal, ordered another glass of rose’ and helped myself to a complimentary bowl of salad with a mini crusty bread roll ..

Over dinner we talked about tattoo’s .. I have a flowery design on my foot and am planning on having a matching tattoo on my wrist later on in the year .. my daughter showed a glimpse of her unfinished flowery tattoo which runs up the top of her leg passing by her hip bone and my son who hasn’t got any talked about thinking of getting a half sleeve but he doesn’t trust it will be done as perfectly as his ideals .. I think maybe the pain thought takes precedence over his ideals ..

Towards the end of the evening, my son’s girlfriend commented around the table that my son was just like me and as I wound my scarf around my neck ready to leave my daughter’s boyfriend said my daughter and I were just the same recalling our trip to Miami last year when we had both struggled with the cold blast of air conditioning for four hours at a time ..

We walked out the restaurant into the cool night air with my kids recalling how I use to take them to the same restaurant when they were little .. that was when it used to be a small eating place with a big indoor play area which is now gone .. shame as it was a perfect way to spend a rainy day having some family fun ..

We still enjoy family time of different experiences now they are grown and proud Mum I will always be having raised two great kids who have grown into thoughtful and caring adults for all the world to see.

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