Forewarning- this is one of those “bitchy” rants where I just let it all out. 

I’ve been to prom before. But now, after some recent events have gone down. I don’t see the point in going. I’m only ranting because I don’t have a choice in going (My mom is the principle and I don’t have a choice.). I don’t see the point. I can hang out with my friends and have a good at times other than a dance. Especially since there’s so much pressure to find the right dress and a date. My friends all have dates- so I can’t exactly go with them. I see it an excuse for girls to dress up and get to feel like royalty. And I get it. But with my self-esteem, lack of a date, and terrible attitude, I can’t say I’m very excited. Label this a “bitchy white girl problem” because this is just complaining. But the thought of going to prom now makes me sick.

But since I have to go….Did you guys have good prom experiences? 


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