Day 402 – Sugar Shack and Rocket League

Sunday, April 2nd 2017

Hey, just realised my day count matches the date; 4 for April, then 02 for the 2nd.

Today was great. I didn’t go to church, but I did a Bible study. Once my parents came back from church, we went to the Sugar Shack.

It was sooo good. Much better than the one we usually went to. There was a band that aren’t really great in terms of singing, but they were fun anyway, even sang Cotton Eye Joe at some point and people started dancing.
   The food was great and it looked and tasted like it was a meal made either by a grandmother or at a cottage. We ate potatoes, eggs, bread, pancakes, ham, pork, beans, sugar pie, homemade ketchup… It was certain that supper wasn’t going to happen later, especially cause we stuffed ourselves at 2pm. Even after that we went to get maple wax. For those who don’t know, there’s a sort of maple wax mix you put on snow and after a bit of waiting, roll a stick in it so you have a sort of maple popsicle; the owners say it’s a snow cone, but imagine less snow, much more sugar and it being really sticky. I didn’t eat it, since I’m not a huge fan of it and I was completely full, so my mum took it. We then went to see the small amount of animals, which included sheep, duck, tiny horses, chickens and rabbits.
   The service was extremely friendly. At some point a waitress dropped her tray of dirty plates, and one of the other waitresses came in to help saying “It’s alright, happens all the time!” and every waiter near her helped out. If you asked for something as well, you’d get it in a minute, despite the whole place being packed with people.
   I’m so glad I ended up saying yes to going. I had in mind the want to make more memories with my family, and we sure did.

At home the owners got me Rocket League! I used to play Rocket League all the time, so I’m happy that I can play without asking my brother for the PS4 now. Speaking of games, really need to pick a game from Megg’s list. I keep forgetting. Been busy with other stuff I suppose. Anyway, we played together for a while. After I did my English homework and then played Rocket League on my own. Took me a while to get used to keyboard controls and get used to it again, but after a couple of rounds, looks like I still know how to play pretty well.

That’s all for today.

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