April 3, 2017

(early evening)

  Last night was pretty rough with the physical disturbances. I was feeling a lot of pokes, jabs and pinches as if they were coming up through the mattress again. It’s all just typical, routine stuff by now really. Nothing new, just some nights the physical disturbances are more intense than others.

  It was also a rough day at work today…very stressful. This had nothing to do with “them,” it was all work related stuff. Whenever I’m stressed out at work, these voices try and take advantage of that. But, today I was simply just too busy to even pay much mind to their presence. 

So, my situation is still pretty much in this routine where the voices and the physical disturbances are still pretty strong in intensity in the evening but much weaker during the day. It’s all pretty much a set routine at the moment it seems. I am glad though that they don’t really effect me at work anymore. There was a time when this situation was just starting out for me, when they were really causing me a lot of problems. 

  The voices were so much more intense back then that I found it difficult to even focus on simple task at my job. Luckily, I ended up turning the situation around and actually throwing myself into my work as a means of keeping my focus on something else and not on “them.” This worked to a large degree.

  Yes, these harassing entities still cause me problems at night, but during the day at work, their presence is much weaker and much less noticeable even and their attempts to disrupt me there pretty much amount to nothing.

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