It’s back to school Monday :(

This weekend went by way too fast!  It was hard getting out of bed this morning, but after my shower and breakfast, I was headed out the door to start another week of school. This one will be another busy one for sure 🙁

I have another exam tomorrow, got a swim meet tomorrow, playing in three baseball games this week and my schools bowling team plays in a roll off for our district championship. All this, and I get to look forward to another weeks worth of homework 🙁

Although it may seem to y’all that I’m not happy about school life and all the requirements that go along with it, I’m actually ok with it all! and in fact, I totally understand that this is part of life for a kid my age. I actually like school and being around all my classmates and friends.

In two years, I will be a senior and it will be my final year of high school. It will mean to me, setting my sights on my college life and deciding on the best school that will be best for my chosen field of study.

So, for now, I will continue to stay focused and enjoy my high school days and my friends and classmates, because I know in my heart, someday, I will look back and remember these times as a teenager and will probably miss it all. Why? Because this is what my folks keep telling me, and why would I NOT, believe my folks ?  🙂



9 thoughts on “It’s back to school Monday :(”

  1. Hello 🙂
    You know how much your comment made me feel better? Thankyou for that!
    I’m sure you will do good on your exam and you can manage it all

  2. Glad to know 🙂
    You know your comments are so Good and in depth,I keep on starring them 🙂
    You are a really nice person. I hope you rise and shine always! Lots of love

  3. aww thx blue! 🙂 You are pretty nice also and I’m glad you still follow me. I will keep following you also. Hope you have a nice weekend! I am posting this from Cocoa Beach Florida at the Easter Pro/Am surfing Tourney. I qualified for the surf offs today, got a chance to win 1,000. 🙂 wish me luck! hugs! 🙂

  4. Wow! Many congratulations! 🙂
    I’ll never stop following you ever,your comments give me hope in this time of despair.
    Tons of luck! 🙂 you will win,you know you can 🙂
    *hugs back*

  5. Thx Blue! I took 2nd place in my age group, competition was tough! Hope you hagd and a nice week. I will pray for you, I don’t want you sad or going thru tough times, 🙁 Big Hug from me to you Blue 🙂

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