So, I haven’t posted in a while so let me catch you up my life has been the craziest I can honestly say. There is just a lot of fighting a lot of screaming a lot of arguing just a bit of everything if I may say. and man I just hate it because I hate being frustrated and like dame I feel like there’s just a lot going on in my life right now that I am trying to rap around my had but its going to fast where I’m just like hold up! I’m looking for work I got to jump on the ball since my dad left my mom is like in financial distress and she’s like really going threw it trying o pay bills trying to pay  the rent just everything and man like for real I want to get a asap job right now instead of going to school full time like I feel like I can do more but how like I got school that I’m going to in the summer then I have basketball practice with my girls then I have a part time job babysitting from 8 to 12 and that’s not till September so I mean my schedule is busy but not in till like 2 months from not but I need a job now like I’m so stressed because my mom keeps talking about what she has to pay and I want to help her. and there’s stuff that I have to pay like my braces I’m behind $600 and there 3,464 I’m trying to make the payments then I have my car payment then I have rent I got to pay my mom like fuck for real I hate being an adult I hate going to school but I know in the long run its going to benefit me but fuck I want it to hurry up already like I cant take it no more and it sucks because ima just leave it at because

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