This will be a good week

I feel like things have settled down a bit in the past few days. Our documents came back from the French consulate, which is the first step towards A. and C. getting dual citizenship. So something is moving on that front, even though things have stalled regarding my application for ILR.

This is my last week at work before our 2-week holiday so I am refusing to let any of this bother me in the next few days.

My training isn’t going to be great this week, I have to squeeze 3 sessions into 2, which means dropping my accessory work. I also won’t be able to train properly while we’re away, so I will be re-starting the cycle from scratch when I come back.

I have been struggling with hitting depth on squats; I have filmed various sets in my last two training sessions and I was just shy of breaking parallel. I have reduced the weight slightly to help me get full ROM but it is still a grind.

I am starting to think that my 75kg 1RM wasn’t quite hitting depth either, which would be disappointing.

I think I really need some help with form on all lifts, and I can’t see M. often enough for this. I probably would also benefit from the advice of competitive lifters. As soon as we get back from Florida, I will contact the powerlifting club I have found online; hopefully they still accept novice lifters.

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