Attempt #2-Intro to my world

First, I would like to apologize for how impersonal this intro may seem. I am of course typing this at work for it is a bit of a slow evening and I am here until midnight. Nevertheless, the diary seems to make the clock watching less painful.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away from writing about my life for long. I had been on this site a year ago and left around December as a x-mas gift to myself. You see, I had too many accounts open. Facebook, Instagram, 2 gmails,, some other blog site I couldn’t remember the password to, Google+…the list goes on. The problem with this was that I never updated any of that stuff. It was useless to have it out and about, collecting pixels.  I had since then closed down everything and am now starting from scratch.

To be honest, I missed it. The diary part that is. I am by no means a social media nut. As stated before, when I did have those accounts open, I didn’t check them religiously.  The only thing I ever updated consistently was this site. 

I have an instragram now as well, but I don’t have any pictures up. It’s mainly for fitness motivation. I recently got my busy/lazy ass back in the gym and could use the extra motivation. Not to mention the plenty of eye candy the Instagram pictures provide. I’m not talking about your average half naked human being. I’m talking about the pics that clearly shows a persons dedication to their health. Here’s a very personal shout-out to all the women and men who kill it in the gym, and continue the battle at home in the kitchen. You make my panties wet and the motivation gears turn. Thanks.

Anyways, as far as writing goes, I now only have this thing open. Who knows how long it will last. I enjoy writing for my pleasure and so here I am again. I guess there is no need to catch you up on anything because you probably haven’t read any of my previous rants/stories/blogs. I suppose this can be a fresh start. A new look into Renee’s current events.

Enjoy my dears


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