Pursuing my Dreams….Lets see what happens

It has always been hard for me to accept my life and my choices; but I finally have. I am working on pursuing my dream, even with the understanding that I may not be approved for aid and I may have difficulty, at first, getting to my dream. I have acquired a lot of debt from my earlier years and from being irresponsible in those earlier years. I allowed a toxic relationship to come in between me and  my future and I shouldn’t have. I allowed someone else to control my life, when it should have been me taking charge. I no longer want that for myself. So, I have decided to take charge of my life. Even just with trying I am full of joy. Even if they come back and say that I have to do more to acquire funding for school then so be it; but I am going to try as hard as I can to make this dream a reality and God willing it will come to fruition. God is my provider and I trust whole heartedly that He will take the reigns. I trust in Him, because He has done for me what no one else has and He has shown me love that no man has ever shown me. 

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