For as long as I have been working I have been a very laid back and chill person when it comes to talking to me. I will listen to what you have to say, i’ll take your critiques to heart and learn how to fix them. BUT, if you sit there and tell me that I am wrong and that I have done something to offend you and then ignore me on purpose and not talk to me when we are working together, DO NOT expect me to be happy, joly all the time. I will be cival with you and talk to you when it’s needed and I will make it a point to be nice to you if you’re having a bad day, but I expect the same from you in exchange.

Following that, recently My lead and I had gotten into a fight about something at work. When I am at work, it is EXTREMLY difficult to get me to cry because I am trying to be professional, but for some reason she just knew exactly what to say, pushed my buttons just right and I started crying. After all of that had happened I had to take a break from work and call my mom so that I could talk it out with someone before working again that day. After that happened I went back inside finished my shift and left for the day.

It’s been almost a full week since we’ve actually had a conversation. I apologized for my behavior and was the bigger person in this situation, but she brushed it off like it was nothing. So ever since that day, I go to work, get my stuff done and when my shift is over than I leave and go home.

Let me tell you something tho. As a lead she is responsible for making sure everyone gets along. I shouldn’t hate coming to work, and I shouldn’t have to worry about what to say to her.

Take this as a lesson that sometimes people have their own problems at home or even just in their own minds and it has nothing to do with  you. So don’t take anything personally when it comes to it because there will be nothing for you to do.

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