my parents took away my phone again and without instagram, i am nothing. i fall apart.

i am a failure.

everyone else can handle life. they can get good grades. i can’t.

i fall apart with any responsibility at all. the slightest amount of stress crumbles everything. i cant do anything at all.

i will never fix myself. i am destined to fail.


2 thoughts on “4.4.17”

  1. that is sad and theres no way thats true. youre amazing and beautiful and youre just caught up in the plight of the young but it will end, and youll be great 🙂

  2. Your phone , while it is a part of who you are is not all you are. Your a wonderful person with talent potential and the world at your fingertips, just because your parents can’t see that doesn’t mean we can’t, hell my parents did the same thing when I was younger, I thought I was worthless and had no hope but I got through and so will you, remember, tomorrow is another day, another day for you to be a hero

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