Day 5 – 30 Days of Kindness

I am so happy today. Happy happy happy….😊

Work is making sense, I’m cracking some overdue issues they needed help with, the sun shone on my face as I walked around the lake 🌞, I joined a new gym, I had a strong yoga practice 🙏🏻 and everything in my world feels amazing.  

So, when you’re having the perfect day, everything is going your way, you feel loved and happy….kindness is everywhere. I saw people smiling, children playing, birds chirping and the squirrels….let me tell you about the squirrels 🐿.  There are so many of them by my office building and they are so cute!  They’re not scared or shy, they are as happy as me. I love meeting up with them; they just look and wait for me to pass.  When it’s nicer I’m going to picnic with them! 

I decided to show kindness in my community tonight.  Instead of filling gas tomorrow at a station in Regina where I can save 4 cents a litre, I bought at our local station and enjoyed knowing I had a small part in keeping two young men employed and our community thriving. 

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