Dress Rehearsal

Well tonight was nerve-wracking. Tonight was dress rehearsal for a vocal/singing competition that I’m a part of this year- and it went better than I expected. See, there are 20 of us and we each get 3 minutes to do a song. Some just sing with a track and others have chosen to accompany themselves on either guitar or piano. I’m one of the latter- doing Part Of Your World from Little Mermaid and playing the piano. It went a lot better than I thought…I was one of the few to make it through the song all the way the first time. Which, trust me, is a plus. My voice didn’t break, I sang in the right key, and I played the right notes. Confidence was practically coming out of me in waves. I hate to talk about myself- I don’t want to seem full of myself or prideful- but I’m actually feeling good about this weekend. (I’ll be even better if *insert name of crush* showed up..For, ya know, moral support. I feel like I’ll do better if I know he’s there.) The competition is this Saturday evening- and prayers would be appreciated!! Pray that it all goes according to plan and I don’t massively screw up, not saying I will though. Lol (There’s $2500 at stake. NO PRESSURE AHH.) 

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! 🙂 

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