Journal Day 162 – AvoArmy and r/place

Monday, April 3rd 2017

I’m writing this on the evening of the next day (Tuesday) at around 8:07 PM.

I had to wake up very early today for a call with a client at work scheduled at 9 AM. I woke up at around 7 AM feeling very tired, so I slept for around 30 minutes to an hour longer. When I woke up, I was basically in a panic, trying to take a shower quickly, no time to eat food, and just barely getting out of the house and driving to work and arriving on time.

I was around 5 minutes in before the call with the client started. I barely had any time to review my notes or what we were going to discuss. Still, the call turned out well, I just spent most of the time listening to the client’s predicament and taking notes. All good.

There were a ton more meetings throughout the day. I think from 9 AM to 12 PM I was booked with meetings. Then at around 2 PM I had another meeting. So I barely had any time to do work, but still, I got a lot done that day.

At home I continued to do taxes. I tried to get my AGI number and the IRS website kept declining me from attaining my online records for some reason. I called the IRS though and managed to get them to send me a transcript saying that it would arrive within 5-10 days. If all else fails, I will print out all 47 pages of my IRS Tax Return and mail it in.

While browsing the Internet, there was a humble Wikipedia bundle that I think was only open for 24 hours. The maximum cost was $35 and you could get this 600 page Wikipedia book about the first 17 humble bundles. I didn’t buy it, and the bundle ended before I could. I was really contemplating buying it, and now on the next day, I regret not having purchased it. All those articles are online, but It would’ve been cool to read about the development of hundreds of different games in book form if anything.

Other than that, the AvoArmy kept its place in r/place which I was so happy for. r/place is a reddit event took place over 72 hours this year. It was an event where a massive drawing board was open for anyone to draw on, the problem is that you can only place one pixel at a time, and then there’s a 20 minute cooldown. The cooldown decreased every 24 hours, from 20 to 15 to 10 to 5. I think 5 minute cooldown was the minimum cooldown which was achieved on the last day.

So you can draw an image one pixel at a time, but at the same time, anyone can draw over your pixel. So you can place a blue pixel down, and then one second later, someone will replace it. At the start everything was white, so it was easy to draw on. There was a lot of empty space everywhere. At the end though, there was no white space remaining. Everywhere was filled with images. The endgame result of r/place is attacking other people’s images and defending your own images.

So if you want to draw an image, you better amass an army of people willing to support you in drawing this image. That’s what the AvoArmy was for. It was started on r/vegan where everyone there just wanted to draw avocados on the board. I wasn’t a big part of it, there were some organizers of the group that created a discord group and everything. I merely participated in defending the r/vegan sign, and that’s all I did. I would browse through the internet, and every 15 minutes, go back in to place a pixel in defense.

The endgame was also pretty crazy. A lot of people wrote their own scripts, which I had the idea for actually, but I was kinda stupid in not writing one. A lot of the scripts were also shared on GitHub, so I could have just gone in, modified them a little, and used them to defend the r/vegan logo. The craziest script logo I think, is the “Osu!” logo which was heavily attacked, but was easily defended due to the use of bots. The Osu! logo sort of held until the very end. Everyone HATED it, so everyone kept attacking it, and I think it stood up well despite a lot of people going in and trying to destroy it.

The scripts and automation ruin it though. It was a really fun event and most people did not use any scripts, so all of the changes were organic and it felt like a war. There was even diplomacy and negotiations made over the course of 72 hours between many different tribes. In the end I had fun. I could have participated it in while at work, but chose not to. In the end this is what the avoarmy came up with:

IMO it was well defended considering it was heavily attacked. The G in r/vegan isn’t complete, and that’s because of the people trying to vandalize it. I mean, it doesn’t really seem like much, but while the board was active, you would constantly have to re-color in the green spaces, and fix the letterings. The fact that the entire subreddit link is visible at the very conclusion of the event is awesome. A lot of others didn’t do that well.

It was a huge conglomerate of Internet memes and other images

Anyway that was my day today. I’m pretty sure other events happened, but I don’t remember them that well anymore. Probably not that important.

Selfie for the day


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