Linds M

You are basically my only friend, but you make me hate myself. You make me feel like i am not good enough. Your social anxiety drives me insane. You are always too afraid to do things. You won’t call a restaurant to see if they are open. You won’t ask a stranger for directions. You won’t ask for more ketchup at a fast food place. You never want to do anything fun with me. You take horrible photos of me. You never say directly how you feel. You complain about everything. You never confront a problem head on. You freak out on me when i fall asleep and don’t text back right away. You are the most passive aggressive controlling person i have ever met. You make me feel worthless. You constantly put me down and make me question my own capabilities. And yeah i do have some other “friends” aka people i chit chat with and eat lunch with, but they aren’t real friends. They never ask to hang out outside of school–but then again neither do you. I am always the one who has to ask. I am always the one who works around your schedule. But we are at this point in our lives where everyone already has their established friends. Senior year isn’t the year to decide to start being friendly. Highschool is a mean place and Ive honestly been trying to make friends but no-one invites me anywhere. No-one ever wants to hang out and it honestly sucks. You are my only friend and you make  me hate myself. I don’t know what to do. It just sucks…

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