Looking for a friend

I just want a friend. Like an actual living breathing person who will actually talk to me. I want someone who will go on adventures with me. Someone who I can tell everything to. Someone who will randomly call me and ask to hang out–HELL even someone who just randomly shows up at my house and tells me that we are hanging out. I want someone who doesn’t care about little things. Someone who is okay with sitting on the beach all day, shopping, or even fishing. A friend who will take cute pictures of me when I’m not paying attention and someone who just knows when i am feeling sad. A friend who acknowledges my flaws but doesn’t exploit them. Someone who lights up a room as soon as they enter it, always looking on the bright side. I just want a friend.

One thought on “Looking for a friend”

  1. Hey my name is Nikki and I am 17 years old. And i know how you feel course that’s how I feel. I mean i have friends but i want someone who will be this kind how you describe. So if you ever want to talk. Email to me; RubiesRedRose2@gmail.com or find me on Instagram; Nikki Russell

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