The twisters are coming

It’ a dark sky with thick gray clouds. Thunder is rolling in the distance, but the claps are getting longer and louder. Should be an intense storm today. All the local news stations are hyping this storm. That worries me a little bit.

We just had a sizable storm on Monday. There were 3 reportes tornados in our county and surrounding counties (all F-0’s & F-1’s). Most of the damage sustained was just trees falling on top of stuff. There was one fatality  (guy’s mobile home flipped over several times). 

I live in a very rural area so there are tons of trees and not too many structures aside from a few sparse houses. I don’t live in a mobile home either so my house has a better chance of standing up against a tornado.

The weather stations said the storms would start around 1 / 2 pm.

Its 10:30 and it just started pouring. The lightening is right over head. I think I’d better stop writing and go pack up some food for the animals and get every one’s meds together just in case.


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