Wednesday April 5th

I got to start work yesterday. Thank god. I know my pay is going to suck, but at least it’s some income. I don’t want to have to side hustle, but I know I won’t have a choice. Once I get going with my correct pay on track, I hope I will be in good shape. I feel a lot better mood-wise just because I have a job to go to now. I am not thinking about leaving NY now. I am thinking about my future- at least trying to- focus on what will happen next rather than dwelling on the past I cannot change. I have got to learn to say, “oh, well,” and move on. I have the opportunity to make a clean fresh start at my new job as a brand new person- reinvent myself. I can be the person I want to  be.

I will keep pushing myself to go on dates and meeting friends on the Bumble BFF app. I can make a new life for myself here. 

One thought on “Wednesday April 5th”

  1. This is a wonderful day for you. When I started my new job, I knew the compensation was not going to be great, but it was a fresh start for me. Things have changed since, and I hope your experience will be the same. This will surely make a difference. Congrats!

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