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Yesterday was crazy! We went into work as usual, and about 1/2 hour into our shift we got called away to a family emergency about an hour and a half’s drive away. We spent the day in my father-in-law’s hospital room (it looks like he’s going to be OK) and it was just kind of an all-around crazy day.

We found out that my father-in-law is a Type 2 diabetic. When we first walked into the room his breakfast tray of food was there, which included high-sugar fruit (pineapple, grapes), a box of Total cereal, margarine, an english muffin, and eggs. While we were hanging out in the hospital room a few hours later, the nurse brought in his “diabetic lunch menu”, which was:

1 diet vanilla pudding
1 white dinner roll
1 penne pasta
1 green beans
1 grilled chicken
1 iced tea 8 oz
1 grape juice 4 oz
1 hot cinnamon apple tea 8 oz
1 margarine package
1 salt package
1 pepper package
1 equal package

I’ve heard people mention that the hospital menus for diabetics were outrageous before in documentaries, but I didn’t know it was [I]this[/I] bad. When we asked the nurse what foods he should avoid to help manage his high blood sugar, she said, “Sugar, starches, and other carbs.” So FIL is going back on the Atkins diet when he gets home. He had lost a good amount of weight on it before and he knows he needs to eat that way to get his blood glucose under control.

Hubs and I stayed OP 😀

Hopefully today is a normal workday. If not I will roll with the punches.

B: Warrior coffee
S: Warrior tea
L: The lunch I didn’t eat yesterday 😆 Macadamia nuts, pork tenderloin leftovers, and guacamole
D: Meatballs and marinara

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