A Thursday Night

So Thursday night, I’ve had a great friend over for dinner. Don’t really cook for anyone bar my partner & kids.. my partner had gone out, our youngest was put to bed. We sat there chatting, laughing, talking shit and eating buritos haha. As all good friends need to pig out on Mexican. Haha. After my friend had left I decided to fold my massive 2 baskets on clean washing. You’d think someone would invent a dryer the drys and folds at the same time 😒😒 as I sat there folding it occurred to me how lucky I am to have such supportive friends & family around me.. I don’t think I could get through a day without them.. Some family members don’t talk to me, and when they do, it’s just because they wanna know something or be nosey! Which I find annoying and pathetic.. Don’t have the common curtesy to check up on us, but is wanting to know stuff when it suits them.. Sometimes I regret even coming back into people’s lives. Sometimes I hate myself for bringing children into this world because I always feel like I’m failing. And I know for certain “certain” family members are always wanting me to fail, they gossip about shit behind my back, they are RUDE to others when at certain events, and last but not least don’t treat us like FAMILY.. which I have now come to the conclusion I couldn’t give a FUCK anymore. I have my partner & my children… Our sons 1st Easter, and none of my family have even tried to see what we are doing or wanting to see us, but I can bet my life they will for a certain other & her baby! We aren’t blood so we don’t count CLEARLY.. My sons 1st Christmas and he didn’t even see my parents on the day or for a few days after!!! I’ve been told to not be upset about the situation!! So I’ve seen how much damage these sorts of feeling are hurting myself and my happy life I am trying to create for my beautiful family.. I’ve been told by many not to listen to others comments & opinions anymore.. and that’s exactly what I am going to do.. I suffered a bit of depression last year, and I know it never truly goes away but I started feeling better, but with all this shit going on I can feel myself slipping away back into… I just need to keep my head up, looking at the positives and completely forget all the negative bulshit around me & my family 💜

Until next time.

ConLuc xxxx

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