eating and sleeping

i missed my parents so much. im glad i came home. my dogs are so gorgeous too and they all missed me. we have 4 samoyeds and theyre all so big now too. 

ive spent the past 2 days watching nextflix. eating my moms home cooking. and taking naps around the house with my dogs. literally around the house. in the bath (dangerous). in the pool room (dangerous), in the movie room. on the living room couch. on the living room floor. in my bed. in my moms office. in the parlor room. parlor room couch. parlor room floor. in the couch hallway. on the bar table. literally all over the house – everywhere. i missed home more than i realized. 

tomorrow i have goals: wake up, shower/get dressed, breakfast, coffee strong – black – lots of cream, and then im going to commit myself to finally finishing my paper. im going to lock myself up in the conservatory since were having good sunshine spring day tomorrow and i wont leave until ive finished my paper. i did mean to get it done earlier but ive been sleeping and napping and hugging my dogs and eating too much to get anything done. this is my spring break after all !

speaking of sleeping …… buenas noches. 

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