Entry #5 – Morals

I’m going to attempt to actually do what journals are for and write about things in my life instead of just moping all of the time. I might not be as good as Missy-sama, but I’ll try to keep things entertaining.

Speaking of my senpai, I just read one of Missy-sama’s recent entries about an incident where we were in a public library and someone dropped a dollar in front of us. Missy immediately wanted to go for it, but I said no because I assumed that stealing is wrong, even for piss-poor people like us. I figured that even though we were poor, we shouldn’t have to stoop so low as to steal a ONE DOLLAR BILL that someone dropped.

But, if you read Missy’s entry, you’ll know that not one minute later, a lady came and picked it up in front of us. I was absolutely shocked at the shamelessness of this woman; Like does she not have any sense of tact?! I thought that these things were supposed to be handled with caution and care, but apparently this ultimate badass lives life on the edge!

Rock on~! *Epic guitar music*

But yeah, I can tell that Missy was mad at me for not taking the dollar, but it’s not like a dollar was going to change much. Even if we could get a candy bar or something, who would it go to? One candy bar between three people won’t be very satiating, even if we split it three ways.

And if the big G did really try to bless us with a dollar, then does that mean he was willing to steal from someone else just so we could have a dollar? I’m flattered, but that’s not a very nice thing for an omnibenevolent being to do. What if that person needed that dollar just as much as we did?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was okay with starving if it meant I didn’t have to become a thief. No matter how bad it gets for my family, I will never become that kind of person. So I’m sorry if it makes some of you mad, but that’s just how I am.

And I have nothing against the big guy above, but I don’t really believe in “divine blessings” or anything like that. If that was the case, then I wouldn’t have been starving at the end of every month last year. Life is too unfair for someone like God to actually exist. Sorry if that makes more of you mad, but I won’t change my views.

I guess while I’m here I could also give you guys an update on my current situation, as a bonus. I’m long out of high school now, though I didn’t graduate. I’m still technically a freshman, but I’ve long dropped out of the school I was in. I now live out the rest of my days as a lowly journal writer, giving (hopefully) entertaining entries to the world and beyond.

Just kidding. Obviously.

I actually spend most of my time on RPR, which you’d know about if you kept up with Missy. I don’t know, should I be assuming that my fans will mostly be from Missy? I feel like I’m not really at good enough a level to ascertain my own fans, so I just assume that I’ll be leaching off of Missy.

Anyway, besides RPR, I spend half of my time writing stories. I guess you could call it a hobby, though I’m far from professional. Been using script format since I was five, so I won’t be changing anytime soon. Plus, I suck at picture-painting/descriptiveness, so in other words, I’m not James Patterson-level just yet.

I wonder if I even want to be.

See, my dream is to actually be Hokage-Okay, fine~! I’ll stop making anime references.

My dream is actually to make an anime myself. You know, those Japanese animated TV shows? Love ’em. One might even call me a borderline weeaboo…

Though I don’t actually want to go to Japan, and I don’t own any collectibles. I also think that posters and other merchandise like that are a waste of money…

Oh crap, I’m making it too long again, aren’t I? Well, I guess I’ll end it here for now.

Will Flash ever stay on topic for more than two paragraphs? Is Flash really a weeaboo in denial? Will Flash’s next post be about high school or cutting himself? Maybe both? Stay tuned for more on Flashijou: My Ordinary Life.

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