259.4 – Same

Exercise is going well- Dad and I do about an hour of walking every morning. I’m not breaking a sweat, but my legs feel mildly sore at the end, which is good. It’s a good sore, if that makes sense.

Today will be a lot of running around. I’ll be helping to set up a BBQ at work, then I leave at noon to do some party food shopping, cooking, and prepping for our birthday weekend. We’ll have cake and pizza for those that don’t eat LC, but the menu has some good LC options, like a couple of my crack casseroles (chicken bacon ranch and LOTS of cheese), my home made guacamole, Whisps for those who want chips, and berries + dark chocolate for dessert.

I’ve been eating a little more cheese, but my acne is in remission. Dare I say that I simply needed exercise all along? If so, I will walk for an hour every single day if it means I get to eat cheese regularly again. Hell, I probably should walk for an hour a day for the health benefits alone, but if it means my skin clears up too, then, great!

B: Three egg omelette with bacon, sausage, and cheese; warrior coffee
L: Bunless burger at my work BBQ
D: Stuffed salmon

Have an awesome OP day, everyone! 🙂

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