Lately I’ve had to force myself to write these entries.

Today almost half of our form was absent. We had a Biology test. In Literature we talked about Voltaire and then about America’s attack with gas weapons. It was very depressing.

At 6:40 I headed to town to buy a rose for my friend who I have mentioned before. I’d say her real name, but my paranoia that somebody who I know will find this diary is too much to handle. I may have mentioned her before, using a fake name, but I forgot what the name was. So let’s say her name is Vilma. That’s nowhere near her actual name.

Anyway, why I went to town was because today is Vilma’s 17th birthday and I wanted to buy her a rose that I would give to her after this talent show that she would perform at. It’s a school thing – the talent show, I mean. When I got to the florist’s I asked for a red rose and for it to be put into cellophane. The florist looked at me snootily and said, “Oh. Cellophane.”
I said, “Yes, please.”
Anyway, she had a problem with goddamn cellophane and decided to decorate the rose a bit differently. So she put some red shit on it. While she was doing it, she was saying things like, “Ah, the cellophane! It’s all over the place. Mother’s day, Women’s day, birthdays, anniversaries. Everywhere.” and “I think it looks rather cold.” How can cellophane look cold?

Anyway the talent show was alright. The only problem was the host. Francis. For some reason, he’s always the host of something in our school and it always goes catastrophically. That’s because his hosting skills are abysmal.

Later, I went to a bar, then to Vilma’s place. There I had two glasses of red wine (made me feel drowsy) and some canapés.

Got home at 11.

Currently practising Schubert’s Ave Maria.

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