Day 406 – School and Megg

Thursday, April 6th 2017

It’s raining again… Although it’s supposed to go up to 21 degrees next week, which is awesome.

I started with art. I started doing the analysing part where I just write random meanings that are completely fake, when in reality, I just wanted to paint Percival Graves.

I had English next and we listened to the last presentation before working on our book.

At lunch I sat with a close friend, bought a ticket off of her for next week, since there’ll be a theatre and dinner from her and another friend, and also Kohai’s younger sister, then we talked for the rest, and there wasn’t as much awkward silence between us than usual, thankfully. We talked about the book I’m writing with Megg and the messiness of rooms.

In psychology I had a substitute, so after having a friend show me their art guidelines at lunch, since I forgot mine, and taking a picture, I worked on that.

I finished with French and we continued the book, then worked on… figure styles I think they’re called in English? Metaphors, alliterations, etc. basically.

At home I played Rocket League, ate, worked on art some more, played more Rocket League, then Megg told me he ran over a fawn, which is awful! But accidents happen. I sent the video to some of my friends and they think he was showing the deer too much, which is true, since he looked less like he was looking for empathy, which I’m sure was the main goal, but looked like it was more for attention, and since she (one of them) is a vegan herself, wouldn’t want to see it that much. They also don’t agree with his diet videos, since they said diets aren’t good, no matter which one, and that they seem adverty (starch ones). They don’t seem to like him so much unfortunately, but I can see where they’re coming from… Sorry Megg. I know what you’re actually like, at least.

That’s all for today.

One thought on “Day 406 – School and Megg”

  1. Dang it sounds like your friends hate me XD

    I’m pretty new to making vlog-style videos and talking out loud to a camera by myself, as a person who doesn’t talk that much in general. Most people probably post really bad or cringy first videos when they’re brand new to doing it. I do need to adjust my style though since I make them without any audience in mind :\

    And I noticed that most people I watch on YouTube like to give out their opinions. They make videos entirely out of their opinions, and the viewers are there to basically suck those opinions and ideas in, without doing any thinking themselves. My Starch Solution videos are not like that, I try to make my videos ‘interactive’, make the viewers feel part of the experience, there are a lot of silent parts where the viewer can think, and that’s probably not what they want. It’s not what they’re on YouTube for.

    It sucks that your friends hate me and there’s not much I can really do about that, but my view of you improves every time we talk for a bit, like last night 🙂

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