Friday: April 7th 2017

Today is the best day ever! I am so beyond excited because today is the day I leave for Seattle!! I’m so excited to get out of town and away from all the BS in the world with the one I love.

Anyway, besides the point of this entry. I wanted to tell you about what the world is doing today. It’s like it got some really upsetting news and it’s crying its way through the day. Its raining so hard it could be someone’s way of showing they are upset and sad. It’s so windy that it’s like someone just got done running a marathon so they are trying to calm their breathing down, but it’s beyond fixing at this point.

This is compeletly out of the ordinary for the month of April in some places, but in Oregon, this is 100% normal. I would be surprised if this wasn’t the weather.

As the day goes by though the weather will shape up to be pretty amazing.


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