One word today SICK.  Blood pressure over the top.  Terrible stomach pains and even more scary chest pains.  At echo they didn’t want to let me go.  I honestly questioned if I would wake up this morning. 

Let me try to keep this straight for my own sake.  Percocets made me feel lousy.  Used for back pain.  Took one went to bed was ok.  Went to work took one went in to work felt not great.  Worked till 6 one night and ate late and that is when all Hell broke lose.  Have not felt right since.  Percocet can cause constipation.  Asked at chemo Tuesday if I could take 1/2 a Percocet.  Yes.  Bought pill cutter Wednesday and took 1/2.  Took SenekotS.  At echo couldn’t get out of chair.   Stomach pains and high bp.  Got home and bp continued to be extremely high.  Chest pains seem to eased a lot but stomach issue still there.  I think this is out of order but what ever.  Maybe this is a stomach virus.

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